About Oli

Before advertising Oli was European Lawn Bowls champion 2004. While recovering from a near fatal accident during the semi-finals of the world championships Oli ended up in a bed next to the now deceased advertising veteran Colin Swales of Swales Hethrington Rogers. Colin taught Oli how to copywrite the old-fashioned way including the now banned technique known as ‘Vowel Flipping’. Oli famously won the Pepsi pitch for the agency from his hospital bed, writing the now famous end-line - “Keep It Bubbling”.

In the years that followed Oli won every major award including nine Corillian Crystals. With the success came the scandals, with Oli finally being incarcerated for three years after driving his Audi into a branch of Dixons claiming he was going to “set fire to the doubters”.

Oli is now fully re-integrated into society and these days prefers his Mahabi slippers to his infamous thigh-high boots.

To this day Oli holds several records within the advertising industry including first agency to hire a basking shark.

Oli lives in Suffolk with his wife Elaine and his four dogs called Paul.